Supply only Kitchen and Interiors

Over the last 10 years, we have gained a reputation for delivering excellent products with outstanding service. However some clients, prefer to keep their costs to a minimum and require less input from us, the kitchen and interior professionals. However by taking a supply only route, it is possible to combine a superior quality finish with a slightly limited range and still achieve a stunning result without compromise. Our products manufactured with longevity in mind, offer excellent value for those with a more restricted budget and a wide range of styles to suit. We are confident that whilst the price is cheaper the product stands head and shoulders above other high street retailers who offer ‘deals’. If you have or are a builder, and are confident with managing and installing your own kitchen, bedroom, office or media furniture it may be that supply only is a route you might want to consider. This can certainly be an option for keeping costs down. Supply only is exactly what it says. By providing a plan, we can quote, if you then want to proceed we simply take payment and order, which will then be delivered to you.

What’s the difference you might ask?

Winchester Kitchens and Interiors offers two options:

1. Project management, full design service including site visits and a full product range offering a wealth of design features. The designer will guide you through the design process looking at all the options, helping you to make the best selections and decisions to meet your needs. This will continue from design to completion and will also involve other elements such as flooring, advice on lighting, decorating. A premium service with the advantage of providing a hassle free experience with a wealth of choice.
2. Alternatively for some clients supply only will offer quality cabinetry and stone worktops if required, but the range will be slightly more limited and the emphasis is on the client or builder to coordinate the project. We simply quote and order all the components which will be delivered to your home (where someone needs to sign for them), we offer a 5 year guarantee on all cabinetry and the terms are full payment on placing the order.

How it works

1. Send the plan you are working from, or a list of components by email to

2. We will produce a quote, this will then be e-mailed to you

4. If you then want to proceed we simply take payment and order

5. We will order all the components and have them delivered to your door

Example customer kitchen plan

We regularly work with our customers using their existing plans often being able to suggest other solutions and layouts based around the original plans.


Kitchen planning image – CAD



The customers real kitchen

maclots kitchen 3

Maclots kitchen 4

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