Three Hot Kitchen Trends

Cabinetry Colours. The ever popular white kitchens will continue into 2018, however more colour is starting to appear in cabinetry, including navy, black, deep charcoals and cream colours. Navy and da  ... Read more

Ely Close Up Door Profile Cameo (Copy)

How to create a colour scheme for your kitchen

Making the right colour choices for your home can sometimes be intimidating, but fear not, our fabulous supplier Multiwood has provided this great guide to helping you choose the right colour scheme for your new kitchen. Lay ... read more

The 10 dirtiest places in your kitchen and how to clean them

t’s where we prepare meals, store food and sit down to dinner with the family. But your kitchen harbours more germs than any other room in your house. Yes, even the toilet. Cleaning the kitchen may seem a daunting task, ... read more

Winchester Kitchens Top Tips!

So many jobs and so little time! So here at Winchester Kitchens we are all in favour of little handy hints to give us a helping hand! We had a chat in the showroom  and came up with a list of our favourites to share with you ... read more
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