Incredible Siemans Home Connect – Wi-fi connected appliances

Here at Winchester Kitchens, we must admit we are a sucker for technology and loving all the amazing gadgets and apps available on your mobile phones. So when we heard of the new Wi-Fi connected appli  ... Read more

Miele washing machine

Miele washing machine, why its a must for the kitchen!

At Winchester Kitchens we know that during the journey from planning to installing a dream kitchen, we will find and discover gadgets from the 21st century to enhance our cooking experience and make our lives easier. From sl ... read more
pocket door

Amazing new Rotpunkt inwards-sliding pocket doors

We are just installing a new display here at our Winchester showroom and it features the new Rotpunkt  inwards-sliding pocket doors. These fabulous doors will hide away functional elements of the kitchen, such as the sink an ... read more
Kitchen Showroom Winchester - Induction Wok Hob

Introducing some exciting new Miele products for summer 2014!

We were recently sent some details of various new Miele products and were so excited about them, we thought we had to share them with you! At the Winchester Kitchens showroom, with the increase in cooking Asian food, we are f ... read more
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